Boost Engagement on Social Media

The role of social media and social media marketing is huge in the digital world. According to statistics, there are over 3,78 billion daily active users on social media platforms. It means, about 48% of the world’s population uses social media for information, connection and entertainment. The modern marketing strategies are mostly targeting social media users as valuable assets to drive sales. The strategies involve publishing engaging content, gaining followers, running ads, analyzing results, changing KPIs, etc.

SMM strategy


Keeping up the pace of the newest marketing trends, MarketArm works on creating custom-made SMM strategies based on business specifics. Distinguishing the main driving forces, the specialists work in three directions.

Forming the strategy

The strong and efficient social media marketing strategy building starts with in-depth research and analysis of business perspectives, competitive market research, and identification of competitors. The social media audit is conducted of all social media platforms linked to business to determine the presence and current level of performance.

Content and promotion strategy

Based on research and business perspectives the team builds content marketing and promotion strategy, short-term content plan for all social media platforms.

Building your audience and influence

Through engaging content, strategic marketing, and ongoing reports, it will be possible to track the efficiency of the SMM strategy, increase brand awareness and target audience.

Social media advertising that works

Modern social media advertising strategies require more than switching on or off the ad. To get the measurable return of your investments, the advertisement must achieve its purpose, that is, to make the target audience notice your brand.


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